Some items for our homes, like bathroom fixtures or appliances, can be purchased easily with a little research. Solar panels, however, are not so easy to buy. There are way too many factors involved, including energy consumption, roof specifications, and price (including incentives). The fact is, solar energy systems are never “one-size fits all,” and if you hire a contractor to install one in your home or business, be wary of companies that don’t ask you enough questions to determine the right solar solution for your needs.

NY State Solar has dedicated program managers for each client to help them decide the best way to install a solar energy system in their home or business, and they are careful to make sure your solar energy system is custom tailored to fit your unique budget and energy needs. Our energy consumption calculators will take note of both your current energy use and projected energy use so your system will be equipped to grow if needed. Also, our company’s regional expertise will help you navigate the benefits and regulations specific to Long Island residents and business owners.

If you’re ready to get a customized solar energy system installed, contact NY State Solar for a solar company you can trust.