Why New York State Solar

NY State Solar Means Quality.

Every NY State Solar installation across New York City, Westchester, Nassau, and Suffolk Counties exceeds industry standards for quality, and uses top-of-the-line Sunpower equipment.


The Panels, Microinverters, and More

Our SunPower® equipment is the most efficient in the industry - and features the best warranties you may never have to use. Learn more about our equipment here.

The Installation Process

NY State Solar's installation methods keep conduits for wires hidden, the solar panels secure, and entire system grounded. You can learn more about how NY State Solar works with clients to go solar here.

NYSERDA Quality Installer

We've all heard the horror stories from homeowners who went solar with the other guys. Messy wiring, ugly panels, limited savings. Here's why going solar with NY State Solar makes sense...

What NY State Solar Does - Sleek, Innovative, Efficient

NY State Solar's installation methods prioritize aesthetics. We hide all wiring when site conditions allow, and use sleek black Sunpower® panels to minimize visual impacts of the system.


What The Other Guys Do - Hanging Wires, Exposed Piping

The Other Guys always have installations with messy conduits running along the roof, with exposed wiring that is left hanging beneath the solar panels.

Bad Install.1

NY State Solar - Flexible Financing Options for All Households

Between helping homeowners go solar through innovative On-Bill financing programs or through our private partners, we offer a variety of pathways to making your home greener. We offer solar solutions for all households!


What The Other Guys Do - Tricky Finances, Reduced Savings

The Other Guys hide behind complex financial agreements that are structured to siphon off your household's solar savings.

Tangled Wires

NY State Solar - Quality Across NYC, Westchester, and Long Island

Due to our commitment to quality, NY State Solar earned a Gold Quality designation from NYSERDA, which only goes to the top 4% of solar installers across New York State, based on their independent inspections of completed projects.


What The Other Guys Do - Cut Corners, Subpar Finishing

The Other Guys use outdated flashing techniques that can leak over time, leave hanging wires beneath their panels, and use inexpensive mounting solutions.

Damaged Roof.2

NY State Solar - Coverage For Everything On Your Roof and Off

NY State Solar's equipment is always covered by some of the best warranties in the business - giving you peace of mind as you generate energy for your home!

What The Other Guys Do - Leave You Hanging

The Other Guys use cheap equipment that doesn't provide the protection of full warranty coverage. Worse, these fly-by-night companies often don't have the experience, longevity, or solar expertise to keep your system running optimally.

Aldo 1

The NY State Solar Experience

We have hundreds of clients who shared their experience going solar with NY State Solar on sites like Google, Yelp, Angie's List, and more. You can check out the latest on what our clients are saying about us here.

NY State Solar Means Responsive Service.

Our active system monitoring ensures that your system is performing the way that it was designed. On the off chance it isn't, our service team is responsive to your needs. Need to reach us? Click on the button below.