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Governor Cuomo speaks on New Year's Day. He recently unveiled his 2018 plan for clean and renewable energy sources.

New York’s community solar initiative helps low-income families go solar

One of the largest obstacles of creating a clean and renewable energy future for New York State is accessibility. Residents with solar interest oftentimes do not have the economic or spacial requirements to obtain a solar array or benefit from energy sources. New York State is looking to change that through the “Zero Cost Solar […]

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Governor Cuomo unveiled his 2018 New York's Clean Energy Jobs and Climate Agenda.

Governor Cuomo bolsters NY with 2018 Clean Energy Jobs and Climate Agenda

Governor Cuomo on Jan. 2 revealed his 2018 New York Energy and Clean Jobs Agenda. The historic plan continues the governor’s history of unprecedented investment in clean and renewable energy in his vision to make New York the nationwide leader in renewable energy production. New York State’s Clean Energy Standard requires 50 percent of the […]

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President Donald Trump signs legislation in the Oval Office in Washington D.C.

President Donald Trump’s new trade restrictions threaten domestic solar

President Donald Trump recently proposed new trade restrictions that will drive up the price of Asian solar imports. The restrictions threaten nearly 88,000 American solar jobs in one of the nation’s fastest growing industries. The proposed tariffs come after tensions increased between the Trump administration and China. The Trump administration has maintained a pro-fossil fuel […]

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Will snow impact my solar array's production?

Will solar panels function in snow?

New York’s first major snowfall of 2018 is the perfect time to answer a prospective solar owner’s question: Will a solar array function in the snow or a cold climate? Solar panels convert the sun’s light — not heat — into electricity. As long as there is an adequate amount of sunlight, panels will function […]

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Public officials supporting solar energy will help Long Islanders move forward.

70 U.S. mayors from 26 states commit to solar energy

70 United States mayors from 26 states committed to make solar a hallmark of their communities’ future, according to a press release issued by Environmental America. The press release highlights solar’s immense local community benefits: The booming industry provides jobs, keeps spending local, and reduces pollution. “The U.S. has the potential to produce 100 times […]

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Solar energy is driving the domestic US market.

GE Power announces layoffs as solar continues growth

General Electric (GE) Power last week announced plans to layoff 12,000 workers as it looks to slash $1 billion from its budget, according to Madison. GE Power’s layoffs will come from its power plant division as clean and renewable energy sources continue to dominate the future of domestic energy consumption and production. The United States […]

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