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NY State Solar Testimonials | Residential Solar Owners Speak

The NY-Sun On-Bill Recovery Program allows New York homeowners to leverage state incentives to own a solar system at no out-of-pocket cost – if they qualify. But you’ve heard solar companies tout the benefits of solar ownership before – what makes NY State Solar different? Here are the stories of homeowners who recently qualified for NY-Sun […]

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New York Solar boasts 1,000 percent solar growth since 2011.

New York boasts 1,000 percent solar growth, tobacco fields to host solar?

Solar’s Next Stop America’s booming solar market continues to take surprising new turns as its growth permeates new and (sometimes) unexpected markets. Its next potential turn? Tobacco fields. A study conducted by Michigan Technological University concludes that tobacco farms that substitute their crop-based farms with solar arrays can increase profits due to increased solar accessibility […]

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