New York Solar Roundup: The Push To 50% Clean Energy

December 10, 2018

New York’s New Leap Forward

New York State took another leap forward toward environmental justice and sustainability when 10,000 low-income residents were awarded free community solar, according to PV Magazine. Community solar allows people to leverage offsite solar installations for credit toward their electricity bills. These projects are ideal for people in metropolitan areas who do not own homes or do not have adequate conditions or space required to own a solar array.

While it is vital for homeowners to leverage taxpayer incentives like the NY-Sun On-Bill Recovery Program to own a solar array, residential solar ownership alone will not be enough to boost New York above-and-beyond its goal of 50 percent clean and renewable energy. Community solar represents just one of the many viable options for New York residents to benefit from clean and renewable technology.

NY-Sun is part New York State’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) and requires 50 percent of the state’s energy come from clean and renewable sources by 2030.

WE ACT Brings Solar To Harlem

Harlem residents are set to save more than $1.7 million in electric costs over the next 25 years thanks to WE ACT’s “Solar Uptown Now” campaign, according to AMNY. The group of community activists have been working to bring clean air solutions to upper-Manhattan since 1998.

NY-Sun On-Bill Recovery Program

The NY-Sun On-Bill Recovery Program is a multi-billion dollar taxpayer incentive program that allows homeowners to own a solar system with guaranteed savings on their monthly utility bill.

Learn more about New York’s historic program that allows homeowners to take control of their energy, improve the equity of their home, and help create a more sustainable New York.

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