Solar panels are not exactly new technology. Since their invention in 1954, solar panels have become more available for regular consumers and businesses through special financing and incentives from the government. Clever product designers have been adding them to unexpected everyday items for years. Here are a few types of solar powered tech out there you didn’t realize you could own:


Solar Powered Clothing – Designers have added solar panels to shoes, T-shirts, backpacks and hats that can either charge your devices, or that have their own display screens you can use to customize your clothes with swappable images or text. The future is now!


Solar Powered Outdoor Lights –From path lighting to flood lighting to string lighting, these are the perfect items for solar power because they are always outside collecting solar energy, ready for use at night when you need them most.


Solar Powered Chargers – Solar powered portable chargers allow you to have recharged devices for days and days, no matter where you are, so they are perfect for long backpacking trips or camping.


Solar power is useful in our small gadgets, but imagine the impact it could have on your home’s energy! If you are interested in installing a solar power system in your home, contact NY State Solar for a free consultation and find out how you can save money and the planet.