If you are curious about preparing your home for solar panels, there are a few steps you can take to self-assess whether your home is a good candidate for solar energy.


Check Your Shade

If there are trees around your home that will cast a shade on any solar panels you might install in the future, consider removing those trees or moving your solar panels to a different side of your roof. Don’t forget to take into account smaller trees that may grow over the years and eventually shade your solar panels.


Raise the Roof

If you need repairs on your roof, you should take care of them before installing solar panels. Even if those repairs might not be needed for several years, your solar panels will make it impossible to work on the roof underneath the system. We offer the service of removing and reinstalling panels in the future if a roof replacement is needed, but it is best to do this up front if your roof is nearing the end of its life.


What Will the Neighbors Say?

There are some HOA organizations that will frown upon solar panel installation. In New York state, however, homeowner’s associations are prohibited from restricting the installation and use of solar power systems. (Assembly Bill A6878C from 2016) In other locations, you may need to check with the HOA to be sure of any restrictions. Of course, there are very few HOAs in Long Island, so you should be safe!


NY State Solar is ready to provide you with complete and thorough home assessments with a solar power system specialist, so if your self-assessment results are not certain, contact us to schedule an appointment today.