We Believe Old Is New

You may have seen us walking around your neighborhood.

We may have even knocked on your door to speak to you.

We know not many people do this anymore.

That’s why we love to do it.

In a world dominated by targeted advertisements, we believe in a more traditional approach.

An approach where people who want to help the world want to speak to the people who can most benefit from NY – Sun.

An approach that allows you to see our knowledge and passion for New York and renewable energy.

An approach that helps us all.

What We Do

NY – Sun is a historic taxpayer incentive program that allows homeowners to go solar.

The ability to qualify for the program is where things get tricky.

We walk around neighborhoods to search for houses that could qualify for the program.

Less than 25 percent of the state will qualify for the program because the process is customized per household.

Credit scores, roof age, electric bill, and household orientation all weigh a tremendous amount in the process.

Although you may believe your house is a great fit for solar — and it may be — there may be a reason we don’t knock.

When we knock on your door to speak to you, it is because we believe that your house looks like an ideal candidate to meet the program criteria.

We want to make sure you are aware of your ability to help New York’s environment, economy, and sustainability.

A Custom Experience

We do not sell solar panels.

Even if you wanted to have solar on your home tomorrow, we work within the confines of the program.

It is a custom process that takes attention, time, and an experience custom-designed for your needs.

No two houses are the same.

We work to ensure you receive the best support in your transition to solar.

How Can I Learn More?

We are happy to speak to you about the benefits of solar, your questions about the program, and all aspects of your interest.

Click here to learn more and schedule a 15-minute introduction to NY-Sun and New York State Solar.

New York State Solar is a local, private organization with offices in East Meadow and Sayville. We work to facilitate NY – Sun.



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