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How do you slash your energy bill? What incentives are available?

Let’s Be honest — Solar Can Be Confusing.

We definitely understand that.

Leases and power purchase agreements are tricky – why do your rates go up every year? Why don’t you own the system if you are paying out-of-pocket?

Money from leases and power purchase agreements typically go out-of-state to the country’s largest solar companies.

Companies come into New York, produce electricity to sell back to homeowners, lock homeowners into lengthy contracts, and reap all of the benefits thousands of miles away. Sure, homeowners save a few dollars, but there is way more to benefit than a bill that increases every year.

New York is a beautiful state that has the potential to lead the nation in clean and renewable energy production — which is why Governor Andrew M. Cuomo launched Reforming the Energy Vision (REV). The expansive program aims to achieve 50 percent renewable energy by 2030, among other environmental benchmarks.

The problem was that traction and trust were not fast enough. Those same leases and power purchase agreements do not truly empower homeowners in the same way that full ownership could — which is the impetus behind the historic, multibillion-dollar taxpayer benefit program NY — Sun.

NY — Sun

NY — Sun allows homeowners to own their solar system, lock-in and reduce their average monthly electric bill with no annual rate increases, take advantage of additional system production through tax credits, and build equity on their house.

The program is made possible through the state’s agreement with utility companies that allows the state to pay for a solar adopter’s system upfront. The homeowner continues to pay the same utility bill at a fixed and reduced rate for the amount the system offsets. The utility returns the state’s money and after the designated term agreement, homeowners are only responsible for the grid connection fee that allows for accurate tracking of the system’s production.

New York taxpayers are already paying for the privilege to go solar. Unfortunately, not every house is classified as ‘solar ready.’ Houses with southern-facing roofs in good condition (typically 15 years or less) that maintain a working taxpayer (or someone taxable pension) are considered good candidates to qualify.

Everyone is encouraged to inquire about their eligibility — at the very least, you want to make sure you’re not losing out on something you’re already paying for.

New York State Solar’s Mission

We became aware of NY — Sun in 2014 and immediately focused on creating a New York we believed in.

It is our goal to propel New York to and beyond its goal of 50 percent clean and renewable energy by 2030.

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