New York Solar Roundup: The Solar Sweet Spot

September 17, 2018

Long Island’s Solar Sweet Spot

Newsday’s Sunburned: Solar panel leasing deals on LI plagued by consumer complaints two weeks ago brought great attention to the complications of solar leases. NY State Solar CEO David Michael had the opportunity to opine the benefits of NY State Solar in Newsday and how our organization empowers homeowners through NY-Sun. (More via Newsday)

Thomas Maier and Mark Harrington wrote an insightful and helpful special report exposing some of the unsavory elements of an otherwise extraordinary and invaluable solar industry.

But those of us who work in this field, and who do so honestly and in a customer-focused manner, want readers to remember all the benefits that come from “going solar”: Energy independence, cleaner air (with less pollution and fewer toxins), and financial benefits for the consumer.

While the article mentions some of the pitfalls in the industry, New York State has created a program that solves many problems: the NY-Sun On-Bill Recovery Loan. It requires that the proposed plan is evaluated by the state Research and Development Authority, and approved only if the system will provide savings for the owner.

Also, the NY-Sun On-Bill Recovery Loan allows property owners to pay any costs via their regular PSEG bill. Because the payment is tied to the utility bill, there’s no lien filed against the customers’ property, which means there’s no difficulty when it’s time to sell or refinance.

Community Solar Rises

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo this weekend announced the completion of the largest community solar project in Tompkins County. The 2.3-MW system consists of almost 7,000 solar panels across 13 acres. (More via Solar Power World)

New York State last week voted to expand value stack crediting beyond solar. Value stack crediting looks to create value for public benefits of distributed energy. (More via Microgrid Knowledge)

Community solar projects are imperative to allow folks who do not own homes to benefit from solar energy. The end of net-metering threatens community solar projects and clean energy’s growth. (More via Indypendent)

NY-Sun Prospers ☀️ 

New York homeowners have the historic opportunity to own a solar system through NY-Sun.

NY-Sun is a New York taxpayer incentive program that allows homeowners to go solar.

Click here to learn more about NY-Sun and schedule a free consultation.

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