NY-Sun helps homeowners make the easy transition to solar energy.

How New York residents can go solar in 2018

If your energy bill never seems to stop climbing, don’t worry: It’s not just you. The average retail price of energy increased an average of four percent over the last decade. Even if you used the same amount of energy, you’re paying more for it year-over-year. As clean and renewable energy sources provide the grounds […]

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New York residents can add equity to their house and gain energy independence by adding solar panels.

New York residents can gain equity, take control of their energy

Did you know that solar panels are an easy way to add equity to your house? You want to make household improvements to maintain or increase your property value. Knowing where to start is difficult. Replacing your roof or windows is not necessarily a bad investment — but you’ll only see an average of an […]

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Will snow impact my solar array's production?

Will solar panels function in snow?

New York’s first major snowfall of 2018 is the perfect time to answer a prospective solar owner’s question: Will a solar array function in the snow or a cold climate? Solar panels convert the sun’s light — not heat — into electricity. As long as there is an adequate amount of sunlight, panels will function […]

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President Donald Trump signs legislation in the Oval Office in Washington D.C.

President Donald Trump’s new trade restrictions threaten domestic solar

President Donald Trump recently proposed new trade restrictions that will drive up the price of Asian solar imports. The restrictions threaten nearly 88,000 American solar jobs in one of the nation’s fastest growing industries. The proposed tariffs come after tensions increased between the Trump administration and China. The Trump administration has maintained a pro-fossil fuel […]

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Governor Cuomo unveiled his 2018 New York's Clean Energy Jobs and Climate Agenda.

Governor Cuomo bolsters NY with 2018 Clean Energy Jobs and Climate Agenda

Governor Cuomo on Jan. 2 revealed his 2018 New York Energy and Clean Jobs Agenda. The historic plan continues the governor’s history of unprecedented investment in clean and renewable energy in his vision to make New York the nationwide leader in renewable energy production. New York State’s Clean Energy Standard requires 50 percent of the […]

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Governor Cuomo speaks on New Year's Day. He recently unveiled his 2018 plan for clean and renewable energy sources.

New York’s community solar initiative helps low-income families go solar

One of the largest obstacles of creating a clean and renewable energy future for New York State is accessibility. Residents with solar interest oftentimes do not have the economic or spacial requirements to obtain a solar array or benefit from energy sources. New York State is looking to change that through the “Zero Cost Solar […]

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President Donald J. Trump participates in a Veterans Executive Order Signing Tuesday January 9, 2018, in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, D.C. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

New York solar roundup: President Trump set to vote on crucial solar tariffs

Trump will soon decide on solar-imposing taxes President Donald Trump has until Jan. 26 to decide whether he will approve tariffs on imported¬†crystalline photovoltaic panels that could see Asian-imported solar technologies increase by up to 35 percent. The tariffs were recommended by the United States International Trade Commission Experts believe the tariffs will burden a […]

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A solar array is finished via New York State Solar.

New York State Solar wants to help Long Island

New York State Solar works with state and federal agencies, community advocates, local installers, and philanthropic organizations to help Long Island make the easy transition to solar. Who are we? We are a group of passionate Long Island residents dedicated to building its future. We believe that solar energy is a gateway to energy self-sufficiency […]

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The NAACP announced its Solar Energy Initiative in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

NAACP launches Solar Equity Initiative for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) on Jan. 13 launched the Solar Equity Initiative in observance of Dr. Martin Luther Jr. day. The Solar Equity Initiative is, “…a civil rights economic and environmental justice initiative to connect 30+ communities of color and low income across the nation with solar energy infrastructure […]

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United States Department of Energy Rick Perry

United States energy policies fall behind other nations

The United States is a beautiful country with massive solar capabilities. Yet solar’s potential in the United States is being threatened by the federal government. States have created groundbreaking support for solar investment and infrastructure. While California leads the country with nearly one-third of the nation’s solar production, other states are quickly gaining ground. New […]

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