Net metering is a core component of solar energy systems. When your solar energy system is hooked up to the power grid, then the meter will register when your system is producing energy that then gets fed back into the grid, and when you are not making enough solar power and need to use energy from the grid. The difference between that energy input and output to your solar system is your “net” energy.


If you have positive net metering, meaning that you have produced more energy than you used, your power company will credit your account. So, if you have made an extra 100 kWh of energy in June, (as an example) you will have a credit to carry forward and use in future months. This allows you to “bank” credits during the high producing summer months and use those credits in the less sunny winter months.


The point is, that since your solar panels are constantly taking in solar power whether you use it or not, none of the energy you produce will go to waste when you install a solar energy system in your home.


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