Meet NY State Solar

NY State Solar has an established reputation for stellar client service within the renewable energy sector.

Our photovoltaic systems are custom designed and built by NYSS’ talented team members based on the parameters of your home and follow the strictest standards for quality in the business. All work is supervised and managed by a North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners® (NABCEP®) Certified professional.

As of 2023, NY State Solar has been designated as a NYSERDA Gold Quality Solar Installer - Only the top 4% of NYSERDA-certified installers in New York State get this designation.

Thousands of your friends and neighbors are satisfied NYSS customers, and we are looking to help even more people go green and save on their energy bills!

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Making the Smart Choice for Solar

Why NY State Solar?

NY State Solar makes the process of going solar easy for homeowners. With our dedicated staff guiding you through each step of the process, we will work with you to assess your household’s energy needs. Then, our talented engineers will design a custom solar system with top of the line SunPower® components


Why Our Team?

 Our family of passionate and enthusiastic employees cares about the work we do. This dedication shows in the experience our clients have as they go solar.. 

Our attitude towards our industry has been contagious. NY State Solar clients often tell others about the positive experience they had working with us, and it is the main reason we were able to establish ourselves as one of the top solar installers within New York State.


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Supporting Your Solar Installation Every Step of the Way

Meet Your NYSS Program Manager

There isn’t a “one size fits all” approach to going solar. Every home is a little different, and of course, so are the families that live in them. We like to sit down with you and have a conversation. You get to learn about us, ask us everything that’s on your mind, and we’ll get a sense of the best route to help you go green.

So it’s a learning process on both sides. What are our program managers looking for? These are a just a few things that our program managers would like to review so that we’re able to provide a seamless, enjoyable transition from conventional fossil fuels to clean solar energy.

  • Check your property for sun exposure, roof condition and available panel layout
  • Review current and future electrical usage needs
  • Review current local State or Federal tax credits and incentives* within your locality
  • Inspect the interconnection to the electrical grid and identify any problem areas
  • Answer any questions regarding the acquisition, use, and the industry-leading warranties associated with our solar systems.

*Please consult your tax professional regarding your individual qualification for tax incentives or contact NY State Solar for more information.

Helping homeowners make their communities greener

Financial Flexibility

New York State offers financial flexibility to all homeowners who are looking to go solar. We can work with you in a variety of ways to help your home go solar, including through a unique New York State on-bill payment plan, traditional private financing, or innovative leases... any home can go solar with NY State Solar!

As a Quality Installer, NY State Solar is designated by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) as one of the top 10% of solar installers for quality, based on their detailed inspections of all solar jobs statewide.

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dependability and reliability are built-in

Quality that Lasts

Our commitment to your successful transition to solar energy is the driving force behind everything we do here at NY State Solar. That’s why we’ve partnered with the top suppliers in the business to design holistic systems that include some of the best warranties you will likely never have to use.

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Support When You Need It

NY State Solar proudly utilizes solar products that are built to last. Our panels, inverters and monitoring tools offer a comprehensive holistic warranty that will protect your system in the years ahead.

Our staff provides any and all support that you can need as well. Throughout the process, you get to learn about us, ask us everything that’s on your mind, and we’ll get a sense of the best route to take when it comes to helping you go green.

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