When installing a solar energy system, smart homeowners will be thinking ahead to wonder about the upkeep involved, since maintenance is often a full-time concern for residential properties. As soon as one problem is fixed, another piece will fall apart, and adding solar panels might make you wary of just another thing to worry about.


Well, don’t worry! (Be happy.) Solar panel maintenance is quite simple, since there are no moving parts that will wear out or malfunction within a solar panel array. No bolts to tighten, no gears to replace, and no liquids to change out. A solar panel will degrade very slowly in performance over time, but the manufacturer has a warranty for how much degradation is acceptable, so we include that rate in our performance and savings calculations.


If your solar panels are broken due to an accident, tree falling on your home, or any other source of property damage, you’ll need to consult your homeowner’s insurance policy to see if the costs of repair are covered, since it is a part of your home and warranties will not be triggered.


For any maintenance issues with your solar panels, contact NY State Solar’s service team and we will gladly come to your home and take care of it. Attempting to work on your own solar panels can be dangerous, so leave it to the professionals!