At NY State Solar, transparency matters. We want you to be comfortable as you learn as much as you need to come to the right decision that NY State Solar is right partner to use when your household goes solar.

The information here provides general information about adding solar to your home. The best way to understand how NY State Solar can help your individual situation is to have one of our friendly NY State Solar Program Managers visit you. When you're ready, let's set a time to talk!

Going Solar Helps the Planet and Saves Homeowners Money. Is it right for you?


Reduced Electricity Costs

Clients who go solar save on their energy bills. You can find out how HERE.

Increased Home Value

A 2019 Zillow ® study found that homes with solar in the New York City region have sold for 5.4% more*.

Help Fight Climate Change

We’re doing our part to ensure that New York State meets it’s ambitious goal to move the majority of energy production to renewable sources by 2030.

The Benefits of Going Solar with NY State Solar

Unique benefits of going solar with NY State Solar include...

The potential for ownership of your system with no upfront costs.*

Some loans have no liens on your property

Combat the rise in energy prices by stabilizing your utility costs

Some loan balances can be transferred to a new owner when your home is sold.

Innovative Financing Options
Makes Owning Your New System Easy

*$0 down financing available from certain recommended lenders to qualified homeowners. Qualifications and interest rates set by individual lenders depending on factors including the production capacity of newly installed solar system, credit worthiness, and geographic location.

Further general information provided in coordination with New York state available on https://www.energyfinancesolutions.com/forhomeowners-ny-financing-for-energy-efficiency-projects . Please consult NY State Solar or the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority for more information

Clean Energy That Gives Back

When your solar system produces more power than your household needs, the excess energy is sent to the electric grid.

We Make Going Solar Simple

Learn How Going Solar With NYSS Works

NY State Solar wants to make it easy to understand the process of adding solar to your home.  Each installation plan is unique, of course, based on your specific situation and requirements but we know that having a high level overview can be valuable.

Helping Make Our Communities Greener

The NY-Sun On-Bill Recovery Program was created by NYSERDA to help homeowners across New York State go solar.  Click the image below to learn more about how this unique state program has made it easier for its residents to harness the energy potential of their rooftops!

click to watch the video

house solar
reliability, dependability and trust

A Commitment to Quality

We've helped countless happy homeowners go green with a custom solar system that fits their household's energy needs. Each job we complete through the NY-SUN program is thoroughly inspected by NYSERDA to ensure that their production and quality standards are met.

Long Lasting Products and Service

We know that when you invest in a solar system for your home, you are looking for a long-term solution to high energy costs. That’s why it’s so important to ensure you are getting the highest quality solar panels installed; ones that will provide decades of full power output and require little or no maintenance. 

NY State Solar has partnered with SunPower®, an industry best leader in solar power production. SunPower® panels are warranted to provide 92% power in the 25th year after installation.

High efficiency SunPower® panels produce substantially more power in the same amount of space. Plus, their mounting system delivers sleek solar design that’s as beautiful as it is powerful.

You Can Find Happy NYSS Clients Across the NYC Metro Area!