Solar energy can be used to supply electricity to your entire home, but if you are thinking of getting an electric car in the future, you need to take this into consideration when installing a solar power system for your home.


Any electric appliance will be compatible with a solar power system, so an electric car is no different. The only reason you need to take pause and give special consideration to your electric vehicle when consulting with solar panel installation companies like NY State Solar is that the amount of energy you consume will increase depending on the car you have.


This concept is true of any additional electrical usage in your home, so the best thing to do in all your planning and construction of a solar power system is to install one that is able to grow as your electricity usage grows.


If you want to pursue this math yourself, check out the energy consumption of the electric vehicle you are considering per mile, and then calculate how many miles you are likely to drive. This will tell you how much extra energy you will be needing in the future if you want to give yourself the option of purchasing an electric car after installing a solar panel.


If you don’t want to try and do the math (who can blame you), the specialists at NY State Solar can help you estimate how much energy you need, both now and in the future, and help you build a solar energy system to accommodate these expectations with our own calculators specifically developed for electric vehicles and solar systems. Contact us today for a free consultation.