It’s officially summer, and it’s officially HOT. If you want to run your air conditioning 24/7, you’ll need to evaluate your home’s energy budget, or your electric bill next month will still make you sweat.


When we say a home’s “energy budget,” what we mean is the itemized list of energy you are using in your house. From appliances to chargers to lightbulbs, your home’s energy consumption can be broken down into categories just like your finances. If you keep track of your energy budget, you can make sure your home is being efficient and that you’re not wasting energy (and money!) where you cannot afford to.


Adding a big ticket item to your home’s energy budget, like additional air conditioning, will require some belt tightening elsewhere in your home. If you can turn off more lights, run the dishwasher less often, or shut down your computer between uses instead of using sleep mode, then you’ll free up room in your budget for that cool indoor breeze you so ardently desire.


If your energy bill is still giving you heart palpitations, or even if it isn’t, contact NY State Solar to learn more about our affordable solar energy systems that save you money in the long run!