What happens when the sun is not shining?

Net metering allows homeowners to use credit for power generated earlier in the day/year so they don’t pay for power used at night or when there is snow on the panels. New York is one of many states that have adopted this method of crediting solar customers for the power they produce. It is an easy and straightforward solution to ensure you benefit from every bit of sun that hits your panels.

How much will I have to pay today?

We specialize in the NY Sun on-bill recovery program. It is designed so homes that are approved will have $0 out of pocket cost to go solar. They will just pay their regular utility bill which will in turn, pay for the solar system. Eventually when the system is paid for, you get to benefit from free power provided by the sun.

What are the benefits of going solar?

NY is one of the highest electric cost in the country

Save money, save environment, energy independence, increase property value, one less bill
There are so many benefits to going solar. The most obvious one would be savings. This is because NY has some of the highest electrical costs in the country. Wiping out this bill adds up to a savings of over 100k for the average Long Island/NYC resident. The environment is another excellent reason to consider transitioning your home to solar. A single residential system will offset the same amount of CO2 as 4,000 trees. Our ecosystem is very fragile due to the stress of so many people living in such a small area. These kinds of improvements ensure the air that us and our children breathe is healthy and free of pollutants. Today with programs such as the NY Sun on-bill recovery program, homeowners have an opportunity to make the transition with no upfront cost to them. Speaking with a specialist and having your home reviewed is the only way to find out if your home is a good candidate for the program.

How does solar impact my property values?

There have been two in depth studies done on this topic. Both included NY State in their data set. The findings were clear. Homes with Solar sell for more money and faster than homes without it. It’s not hard to understand why. Who wouldn’t want to wipe out one of their biggest monthly bills outside of the mortgage? In New York specifically, homes were found to sell for an average of 5.4% more when they had an owned solar system on them. That’s an increase of $30,357 for the average home in Nassau County and $35,289 in NYC.

What happens if I move?
In the event you move the NY Sun on-bill recovery program allows you to transfer the system ownership and payment to the new owner. This means they will get the reduced bill from your utility. If the system were already paid for they will immediately benefit from free power provided by the sun. This is why homes with solar in New York sell for more money and faster than homes without it.
What are the environmental benefits of going solar?
Reducing pollution, mitigating climate change, and reducing pollutants that can cause unnecessary health costs are just a few of the environmental benefits of going solar. Achieving the SunShot-level solar deployment targets—14% of U.S. electricity demand met by solar in 2030 and 27% in 2050—could reduce cumulative power-sector emissions by 10% between 2015 and 2050, resulting in savings of $238–$252 billion while saving an estimated 25,000- 59,000 premature deaths. New York is so focused on achieving this success that they have committed to over double this goal. 30% by 2030. With your help, we can make that a reality.
How do solar panels work?

Simply put, a solar panel works by allowing photons, or particles of light, to knock electrons free from atoms, generating a flow of electricity. Solar panels actually comprise many, smaller units called photovoltaic cells. (Photovoltaic simply means they convert sunlight into electricity.) Many cells linked together make up a solar panel. The DC power they produce is converted by the micro-inverter attached to each panel into AC power that can be used to power your home.

What happens if there is snow on the solar panels?

Winter months are actually good for solar energy production, as long as your panels aren’t covered by snow. Like most electronics, solar panels function more efficiently in cold conditions than in hot. This means that your panels will produce more power for each precious hour of sunshine during the short days of winter. Our designs take into account the average snowfall in the area and assume they will not be working while the snow is on them. The good thing is the panels are made of a smooth glass covering on an angled roof. This means the snow will fall off and often produce anyways which means more power production for you. 

What’s the difference between leasing and owning solar panels?

People who lease their solar systems save far less than those who buy them outright or with a loan. They also miss out on federal tax benefits which can be worth 10’s of thousands of dollars. Many leases contain an escalator clause that can further reduce savings by increasing payments 3 percent per year. This means on a standard 30 year lease, the payment at the end will be over 2 ½ times what it started at.

When you own your system, not only does the payment never go up, but it goes away often a decade or more before the lease comes up for renewal. Since your warranties come from the panel manufacturers and the installation company, there are no benefits to indefinitely leasing a solar system.

Our goal at NY State Solar is to make it easier for anyone looking to go solar and get them the maximum value from their system. It is for this reason that NY State solar will only promote ownership of solar modules. Our primary focus is the NY Sun on-bill recovery program which allows homeowners to own their system with 0 money out of pocket and use their regular electric bills as a path to solar ownership.

Can I go off the grid with solar panels?
If you install a battery system it is possible to go “off grid” or a simpler version allows you to at least have a backup in the event of an emergency. Speak with your Program Manager if you are interested in this option. Keep in mind it is unlikely you would be able to pay 0 out of pocket if this is the option you choose. This is because the NY Sun on-bill recovery program is very difficult to qualify for if you are adding batteries to the installation. It is not impossible so we do encourage you to have the conversation with our representative to better understand your options.
Will I still receive an electric bill?
Since the NY Sun on-bill recovery program is through your current utility provider, you will still receive the same electric bill you do today. The key difference is we will work to show a savings off of your current utility bill and the money you do pay will actually be going towards the panels that you own, not the utility company. Eventually when the system is paid off, you will only have a small grid connection fee of about $13 monthly.
Will my roof leak?

This is one of the most common questions homeowners have when it comes time to go solar. In virtually all cases, the answer is no. Roof leaks after solar panels are extremely rare. When roof leaking after the solar panels are fitted does occur, however, it usually becomes evident very quickly after the installation process is finished. Almost always, homeowners will notice the leak within the first year, when it begins to rain or snow.

Fortunately, these leaks are quite rare, and there are things you can do to find the root of the issue and address it quickly – before it does lasting damage to your home. NY State Solar uses the only solar mounting system that will not void your roof warranty. On top of that we warranty all of our penetrations and have a $5,000,000 per job insurance policy to protect you in the event damage were to occur.

How much will solar panel maintenance cost?
If your system is installed correctly, there should be little to no maintenance required. Here on the east coast we don’t get big dust storms and the rain will wash off anything that does settle on the panels. We would recommend trimming back any trees that directly hang over the home to ensure leaves don’t block the sunlight. Just like a properly installed roof, a solar system should be able to run for decades with little to no maintenance. Each system we install comes with a 25 year production guarantee from the panel manufacturers and a matching 25 year warranty from the inverter company as well. We use the best materials throughout the system so you don’t have problems down the line. Each system comes with a production tracking app so you will know if anything is not working properly and our service team is available around the clock to help with anything that does come up.
Will solar damage my roof?

While solar panels shouldn’t damage your roof, they can in the very rare case that they’re installed incorrectly.

For most people experiencing solar panel problems, the issue is as simple as incorrect wiring, dirty materials, or reduced panel efficiency. In the case of panels that cause leaking, however, the problem can be a bit deeper.

Since well-installed solar panels should never cause a roof to leak, the culprit here is typically incorrect installation or shoddy workmanship. In both cases, the leak can usually be fixed, but might be more extensive than, say, resolving a wiring issue.

Because of this, it’s essential to look for a solar installer that offers an extensive warranty on their workmanship. NY State Solar, for example, offers a 10-year warranty on all our installs – which is pretty typical in the industry. This kind of warranty protects you against any potential problems and ensures you can get them fixed quickly, should anything arise.

Is my roof suitable for solar panels?
One of the keys to an effective solar system is a proper installation. The roof is the foundation of every system. We will do an in-depth investigation into your roof to ensure it is in the best condition to give you the most life out of your solar system. This means checking both the quality of the roofing materials and having our professional engineering team look into the structural integrity of your rafter construction. We stand behind each of our jobs and have no problem passing on a project if we feel it is not advisable.
Do I need batteries for my solar system?
Batteries are an excellent add-on to any system. They provide added safety for your family in the event of an emergency. Speak with your program manager if you would like to find out more about this option for you.
Can I go off grid?
It is possible to build an “off-grid” solar system, though it can be expensive and complicated. Generally the systems we build are for residential solar systems in the suburbs of NY and are not designed to work off the grid. Batteries are an option to power your home in the event of a power system failure. They are a good “middle ground” for the average home in New York looking to provide this added security feature.

"NY State Solar and especially Matt McAuliffe have been exceptional in explaining, planning, estimating financial impacts and monitoring the progress of our solar project. Essentially, NYS Solar provides a vehicle to access the best solar installation companies and assures a fair competitive price. NYS Solar’s relationship with NYSERDA was a key factor in making the application and approval process go very smoothly. Matt McAuliffe is a real professional who knows his business; and his honesty and passion for renewable energy expansion was key in my confidence in making the decision to install our solar system."

– Paul R  |  West Sayville

"We thought our program manager was very knowledgeable and answered ALL of our questions!!! The installation went very smoothly and was quick and they cleaned up afterwards. In all we are very happy with the experience and look forward to seeing how much money we save!!"

– Roland Z.  |  Island Park

"It went very well. The process was quick and easy. We didn’t need to do much of anything. Our rep
was incredible and always great about getting back to us when we had questions about anything"

–Melanie B. |  Lindenhurst

"I had solar installed in August. I am very happy with the installation and the the professional service I received."

–Kathleen M. |  Lindenhurst

"Had 35 panels installed to produce 104% of my electricity. They package a deal together with banks and PS&G so you own the panels with no cash outlay. You end up paying your normal average electric bill amount to PS&G to pay the loan for the panels so it is a no brainer. Harrison was my sales rep and he was great, walking me through everything very informatively. The installation was very smooth."

–Mike S. |  Baldwin

"We did it! After so many years of turning away the “solar people”, Derek engaged us in a way that worked. We felt comfortable at every step in this very complex “once in a lifetime” process. Derek always had a way to break it down into simple terms and put us at ease. The whole process went as planned and now we are doing our part to help the environment! NY State Solar was great to do business with!"

–Keith M. |  Suffolk

"We had a great experience with the NY State Solar program. The process was easy and trouble free. We were walked through the entire process from start to finish. Our program manager was wonderful. He was always there to answer any questions we had and addressed our concerns."

–Susan K. |  Bellmore

"I am so glad I opened my door to Joseph who helped us to quickly, efficiently and inexpensively get our solar panels! We are happy. The process and installation was easy (and so neat, guys did a great job), they all did a great job. Thanks."

–Tina K. |  Massapequa

"Our panels went on just last week. We worked with Joseph Hawes who was very respectful of us taking our time to decide. He was timely with documents and truly seemed to look out for our best interests when dealing with the financing company."

–Michael D. |  Nassau

"This was the best! It was awesome. Chris W** was always there, on the spot, on time. It was the fastest installation I had seen. This was really good, I really appreciate. I know there is a lot going on behind the scenes, but it was easy. I could rely on Chris, and I recommend people to go solar with NYSS!"

–Xitij |  New Hyde Park

"An incredible program, run by dedicated people, who are all doing a great thing for the homeowner, the state, and the planet. Derek was my Project Manager and he was beyond professional all the way through. He’ll hold your hand and keep the project organized and moving forward."

–John M. |  Glen Cove

"CJ was terrific with explaining things and walking us through the process. Joe the installer was also great, quick and painless. I’m saving lots of money and helping the environment so good stuff all around."

–Ivan H. |  Seaford

"We love the program! Saving money while helping the environment!! Our program manager was great. He answered all of our questions and made the process easy and smooth. We learned a lot about solar. Installation was fast and smooth. Best decision in a long time."

–Mike M. |  New York

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