When you install a solar energy system in your home, your consultation will include an assessment of your energy needs. Your home is consuming a certain amount of energy, and you will need a solar energy system that can both accommodate your current energy use, and that will have the potential to grow if you plan to add more appliances or purchase an electric car, for example.


At any point during this process, you should consider upgrading your larger appliances to more energy efficient models that are becoming common in homes around Long Island. Many manufacturers are noticing the demand for environmentally friendly, low-impact electronic appliances like refrigerators, ovens, washing machines and dryers, and air conditioning units, which could benefit you as a homeowner who is installing solar panels.


You may not be able to fit a large enough solar system, so buying an energy efficient appliance could benefit you as well as going solar. Or if we have already determined your needs and installed your ideal solar energy system, you can benefit from eco-friendly appliances through net metering, since you will be more likely to have an energy surplus at the end of each month when you reduce your energy use.


No matter your current or future energy use, NY State Solar has the right solar energy system for you, so contact us today!