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How does NY State Solar help Long Island homeowners own a solar system?

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Five Revolutionary Reasons To Go Solar in New York State

Remember, Remember, The Fifth of November… As the solar revolution sweeps New York State, you want to be on the right side of history. The NY-Sun on-bill recovery program allows you to be an agent of change without an arduous effort. Immediate Savings: New York homeowners are guaranteed to save with NY-Sun on day one in order […]

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Clean energy prices stand far below fossil fuels

No Turning Back The solar industry has always been one of great longterm economic and environmental value. Price restrictions and manufacturing power long hindered its ability to compete with fossil fuels. Yet in 2018, the solar market has finally caught up to fossil fuels The solar industry is poised to continue to grow in 2018 […]

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Governor Andrew Cuomo boasts 1,000 percent New York solar growth

When Governor Andrew Cuomo started the Clean Energy Initiative, he did so with one goal in mind. Make New York a nationwide leader in clean and renewable energy. Governor Cuomo on Monday announced New York’s solar sector grew 1,000 percent over the last six years. Over 12,000 new jobs have been created on the back […]

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New York State Solar job opportunities

Have you ever wanted to step into a job where you know your work has real-world benefits? One where you can say that you will never have a dull day? A job where you can think on your feet, overcome obstacles, and work together as a team to achieve longterm and sustainable goals? Working with […]

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Long Island Solar

Long Island Solar Opportunities

Who are we? We are a group of passionate Long Island residents dedicated to building its future. We believe that solar energy is a gateway to energy self-sufficiency and the opportunities to help businesses and homeowners have never been easier. Even as the stigmas around solar energy continue to crumble, there are still many confusing […]

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Many common misconceptions about solar are easy to dispel

Seven solar energy facts and myths

We get it. There are a lot of scary myths about the solar industry. From long-term contracts and commitments to learning how the panels function. You want to go solar, but it seems more trouble than it’s worth. We’re here to help. Here are seven solar facts and myths to help make your decision easier. […]

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PACE Lender Expects to Close $1 Billion in Deals in 2017

Renew Financial’s plan to close a billion dollars this year will outpace the last nine years all together. CEO Cisco DeVries helped pioneer the PACE program athe Berkeley city government almost 9 years ago. PACE lets homeowners buy higher-end energy efficiency and solar improvements with no money down, by distributing the cost across property tax […]

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Solar Farm Awarded with Purchase Agreements totaling 720 Megawatts

Innovative Solar Systems has just recently been awarded a total of 720 Megawatts of new Purchase Power Agreements (PPA’s) from large credit worthy Power Off-Takers in the Mid-West. The companies CEO states that receiving these 25 year contracts will enable ISS to more quickly sell and fund these new projects that range in size from […]

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Trina Solar Announces Record Breaking Aperture Efficiency for “Honey Plus” Multicrystalline Silicon Solar Module

Trina Solar Announces Record Breaking Aperture Efficiency for “Honey Plus” Multicrystalline Silicon Solar Module. Trina Solar Limited, a global leader in photovoltaic (PV) modules, solutions and services, today announced that its State Key Laboratory of PV Science and Technology of China (the “SKL PVST”) has set a new world record of 19.86% aperture efficiency for […]

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