Long Island’s Solar Organization

We love New York. That’s why we made it our mission to be New York’s foremost facilitators of NY-Sun, a historic multibillion-dollar taxpayer incentive program that allows homeowners to own a solar system for $0 out-of-pocket.

We’ve dedicated our organization to create a sustainable future for New York’s economy, environment, and homeowners.

New York First.

We believe in New York’s unparalleled beauty. Form cascading mountains and skyscrapers to Long Island’s beaches and farms. That’s why we believe in promoting New York’s green economy above all else.

NY State Solar works to facilitate the NY-Sun on-bill recovery program. This historic taxpayer-incentive program allows homeowners to own a solar system with zero dollars out-of-pocket if they qualify.

Unfortunately, less than 25% of New York homeowners are eligible to qualify for the program. We work to help homeowners gain approval to own their system.

This program guarantees homeowners a savings on their utility bill on day one, creates green energy jobs, and allows homeowners to access something they are already paying for.

Straightforward Solar.

We believe your road to solar ownership should be easy.

That means you reap the full benefits of your solar system.

No complicated leases or power-purchase agreements.

Your roof. Your power.

When you go solar with NY-Sun you save on day one.

We created NY State Solar to educate New York about the best and easiest way to go solar.

Community Organizers & Leaders

As purveyors of solar energy on Long Island, we believe in the power of empowering our local communities through our daily actions. From our monthly career and networking events to NY State Solar Gives Back, our team always seeks to engage with Long Island communities. If you would like to connect to partner, please email us.

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