Why Community Solar Matters

March 24, 2018

A Ray of Hope

Long Island is known for its beautiful beaches and accessibility to New York City.

Levittown served as an early model of the idealistic American suburb that defined much of the mid-twentieth century. The Hamptons served as the not-so-distant wealthy getaway for New York City residents and Long Islanders alike.

The reality behind Long Island’s cliches is that many disenfranchised areas exist. They lack essential funding for infrastructure in their schools and municipalities and access to many of the privileges of wealthy areas.

New York’s goal to become the nationwide leader in clean and renewable energy will only be successful if it can ensure the proliferation of solar technologies to underprivileged communities and complexes that otherwise would not be able to take advantage of solar energy’s potential.

Long Island in March 2017 reported its highest poverty rate since 1959, according to the Long Island Association.

Community Solar

While the NY – Sun program allows homeowners to make the transition to clean and renewable energy, community solar projects provide a gateway for homeowners and residents without the opportunity to own a solar array to take advantage of its many benefits.

New York recently made a $1.4 billion commitment to community solar projects.

New York’s future depends on its ability to create and maintain both clean energy jobs and access to the technology’s benefits.

Long Island l New York — Learn If You Qualify Today

States make independent stands to help subsidize the American solar industry.

The decision to go solar is both an economic and environmental investment.

New York State’s Clean Energy Initiative requires the state run on 50 percent clean and renewable energy by 2030. NY – Sun was created to support this measure.

NY – Sun is a New York taxpayer benefit program that allows qualifying homeowners to make the easy switch to solar energy.

Click here to see if your house can qualify for NY-Sun and begin your quest for energy independence today.

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